Our Story

The Fraga Company

Fraga Company is an American agency located in Orlando with another branch office in São Paulo, Brazil, which was established in 2020 to oversee our international partners and their investment properties. Owners, Alex Fraga & Emily Porto, found a way to differentiate themselves amongst the competitive market by using methods solely based on up-to-date scientific research and transparent statistical data that will indicate the most feasible investments for our clients.

Fraga Company is the right choice for anyone who wants to capitalize assets and create an effortless way to make a profitable residual income. Today, the Fraga Company controls and leads a chain of companies related to the real estate segment. From sales, financing, interior design and hassle-free property management, we guarantee to make the process seamless. All three company’s Nord Holidays (property management), Fraga Company (real estate) and Concept Design (interior design) reached the $1M mark in sales no later the second year of operation.

Nord Holidays
The first branch of Fraga Company Group, Nord Holidays, emerged in 2014 when Alex and Emily recognized a rising demand for managing rental properties while overseeing their own vacation houses in Orlando. Alex and Emily quickly gained experienced in the market and added on new customers as their network of curious home buyers and investors grew. In the beginning, Nord Holidays’ online portfolio consisted of 4 houses. Today, there are over 100 houses being rented daily, which brings in more than 5,000 guests per month. Nord Holidays surpassed $1M in profit only 2 years into operation.

Transparency, ethics, professionalism and result-driven data have led Nord to build a reliable relationship with its clients and increase the return of investments. The need to expand business followed shortly, thereafter, creating other companies (Fraga Realty, Apollo, and Concept Design) that act directly towards the process of buying and preparing the property.

Fraga Realty
Fraga International Realty is a company with immense knowledge of Floridian and international real estate market. We have partnership with an enterprise of constructors and rental administrators who know precisely where to dollarize assets and ensure that every investment made is to maximize client ROI.

Between 2017 and 2020 Fraga Realty surpassed the $10M mark in real estate transactions.

Concept Design
Concept design is an award-winning interior design firm that has delivered over 800 projects in the Orlando area. Consolidated and recognized as one of the fastest growing interior design offices in Orlando. Concept has 6 years of experience in the market, having a dedicated and motivated team of experienced decorators and architectural interior designers who collaborate on diverse personalized styles of interiors. Our team has well-defined functions and a pre-established organization chart which makes the design process seamless, quick and stress-free for our clients.