Our Story

The Fraga Company

In 2014 Alexandre Fraga expands his activities in the field of ornamental stones from Brazil to the USA. In 2015 he founded Nord Holidays, a Hospitality company, and together with its current partner Emily Porto, professionalizes the management activities of the famous Orlando vacation homes. In the beginning there were 4 houses in Nord Holidays’ online portfolio, today there are over 100 houses being rented daily, a flow of more than 5,000 guests per month, where Nord Holidays surpassed the $1M mark in sales already in year 2 of operation.

With deep experience in analyzing and structuring business systems, Fraga again expands what later becomes Fraga International Realty, and surpasses the $10M mark in real estate transactions between 2017 and 2020. Knowledge of the real numbers and results of the houses managed by Nord Holidays, becomes a much better structured business evaluation for the investor.

Today the Fraga Company controls and leads a chain of companies related to the real estate segment, whether in the sale, financing, property management or interior design. All companies reached the $1M mark in sales not later the second year of operation.

Also part of the Fraga Company portfolio are Concept Design and Apollo Equity Capital

Concept design is an award winning interior design firm that has delivered more than 800 decoration projects in the Orlando area. Consolidated and recognized as one of the most important offices in Orlando, it has 6 years of experience in the market, investing in a motivated team formed by young and experienced decorators and interior designers who work in different areas of interior decoration, following well-defined functions and pre-established organization charts.

Apollo Equity Capital brought real estate financing solutions to the main construction companies in Orlando. Apollo is an authorized and official partner of companies such as Pulte Homes and Mattamy Homes where she participates in helping clients in the process of acquiring real estate financing.

In Miami, Apollo operates in the most diverse undertakings, always in structuring financing and closing contracts. Apollo represents more than 20 American banks in Florida, whether for residential, commercial, construction or refinancing.

The Fraga Company’s next steps are to continue with the expansion of the companies, based on statistics, planning and persistence. Success is a commitment, a responsibility and an organization’s duty.